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  • New Zealand
  • Director: Britta Hawkins

  • 1 nomination.

    IFC Films
  • Rating: 5.5/10 Total votes: 76
  • George Henare Miriama Smith Nick Blake Scott Wills
  • Based on a true story, STOLEN is an emotional thriller about every parent's greatest fear. Kahu Durie - the adopted baby daughter of Maori High Court Judge, Justice Eddie Durie and prominent lawyer, Donna Hall - is snatched at gunpoint as Donna pushes the pram in the street. Nine tense days follow and the nation is gripped by brave television appeals for the baby's safe return. Following Donna Hall's emotional public plea, a letter arrives, demanding the highest ransom in New Zealand's history. The police work tirelessly and the net closes on a secluded house...Terence Traynor became intent on committing a perfect crime, motivated by greed and inspired by American TV.
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