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    santa claus

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  • Director: Jim Mallon

  • Rating: 8.5/10 Total votes: 166
  • Jim Mallon Kevin Murphy Michael J. Nelson Trace Beaulieu
  • The movie depicts a cheery portrayal of how Santa uses kidnapped child labor from all corners of the world to build his toys for him and then enjoys a Lucy & Viv style battle with a devil named Pitch as he delivers gifts to only a handful of children. During the movie breaks, Mike and the bots swap Secret Santa gifts while trying to sing Christmas songs both specifically for Christmas and then later for holidays of all faiths. Down in Deep 13, Frank presents the new watch fob for Dr. Forrester after having his head shaved for no reason, in return Dr. Forrester frantically gets Frank a last minute $25 savings bond. Back on the SOL, Mike and the bots form Santa Klaws, a heavy metal band both Dr. Forrester and Frank immediately get into. Later on, in order to help boost Mike's Christmas spirit, the bots throw a Nelson family reunion for him, though it might have helped to ask Mike which of the thousands of Nelson families he descends from. Finally, falling snow outside the SOL helps Mike find his Christas spirit while Pitch discusses his plans for the world with Dr. Forrester and Frank. It all ends when Santa Claus bursts into Deep 13 and wrestles Pitch to the floor.
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