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O 4º TENOR  – FILME – 2002

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    o 4º tenor 

  • USA
  • Director: Harry Basil

  • Warner Home Video
  • Avaliação: 5.1/10 Total votos: 275
  • Anita De Simone Annabelle Gurwitch Charles Fleischer Rodney Dangerfield
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    Eternal bachelor Lupo plays the comical presenter to the musical acts in his own Italian restaurant 'Serenade Café' in New York, but operatic singer Gina is not amused, she throws him out of her dressing room- the more she insults him, the crazier the old fool gets about her. To keep him off she insists her husband must be an opera singer, so he is easily duped by Ierra, who hits on with Gina himself and ships Lupo off to his Italian cahoot, musical teacher Marcello, for lessons- actually he is so bad that even the dog runs off, and after they bribe the local opera to give him a tiny part, the sound-tortured audience chases him for his life. He passes out but is found and taken in by a winegrowers family, which gives him confidence and a killer voice...
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