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  • USA
  • Director: Marek Kanievska

  • 1 nomination.

    Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
  • Avaliação: 6.4/10 Total votos: 15,481
  • Andrew McCarthy James Spader Jami Gertz Robert Downey Jr.
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    Clay, an eighteen-year-old freshman, comes back from his first term at Princeton to spend his Christmas vacation with his broken-up wealthy family in Los Angeles. His former girlfriend, Blair, is now involved with his ex-best-friend, Julian. She warns Clay that Julian needs help: he is using a lot of cocaine and has huge debts. What follows is a look at the youth culture of wealthy post adolescents in Beverly Hills with a strong anti-drug message. Apart from the setting and the names, the film has very little to do with Bret Easton Ellis's book by the same title on which it was based.
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