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    geraubte kindheit 

  • USA
  • Director: Arvin Brown

  • 1 nomination.

    Firebrand Productions
  • Avaliação: 7.3/10 Total votos: 657
  • Graham Beckel Jeffrey Nordling Robert Joy Virginia Madsen
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    A pedophilia witch-hunt is started in Bakersfield by two teenage girls' foppish child abuse claims. Blindly ambitious justice officials, especially in the prosecutor's office, conspire to arrest loving parents Scott and Brenda Kniffen, whose doted pre-teen sons Brian and Brandon are grilled endlessly until they repeat the vicious lies, the elder even ends up believing them while they pass from one foster home to the next, as even the grandparents are denied custody for not turning on their children. The defense's rights are systematically denied, so the parents go to jail for 240 years. The boys are near adulthood when the political tide finally turns.
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    e geraubte kindheit 

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