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    bas itna sa khwaab hai… 

  • India
  • Director: Goldie Behl

  • 1 nomination.

  • Avaliação: 3.9/10 Total votos: 495
  • Abhishek Bachchan Jackie Shroff Rani Mukerji Sushmita Sen
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    Since his childhood days, Surajchand Srivastav's mother had encouraged him to keep and maintain a photo album of famous men and women, with a view of trying to walk in their respective paths. Surajchand has diligently done so, and one of his ideals is none other than Naved Ali. Surajchand then travels to Bombay city, where he begins to study in college, and is thrilled when Naved himself is asked to be a guest of honor on the Annual Day. Little does Surajchand know that soon he will be working with Naved, have a radio station named Awaaz, and he himself will be responsible for swaying public opinion. The question is will success change Surajchand, and is this what Surajchand really wanted out of life?
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    e bas itna sa khwaab hai… 

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