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ADAM & STEVE  – FILME – 2005

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    adam & steve 

  • USA
  • Director: Craig Chester

    Box: $159,059
  • 2 nominations.

    TLA Releasing
  • Avaliação: 6.0/10 Total votos: 2,779
  • Cary Curran Craig Chester Malcolm Gets Parker Posey
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    Teenage Goth couple Adam and Rhonda are club hopping when Adam spots a dancer he is immediately attracted to. Taking the dancer home, Adam is introduced to drugs by him, but their sexual escapade is interrupted by an embarrassing episode and the dancer leaves quickly. Years later Adam accidentally stabs his dog and brings him to a hospital where he is treated by a psychiatrist who once studied veterinary medicine. The doctor (Steve) and Adam start dating and fall in love. Rhonda, who has stayed Adam's close friend through the years, begins to date Steve's straight roommate at the same time. Months later Steve realizes that Adam was the Goth teenager with whom he had the embarrassing encounter, and breaks off the relationship, afraid that Steve will reject him when he finds out the truth.
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