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  • USA
  • Director: Mike Robe

  • Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
  • Értékelés: 6.2/10 Összesen szavazat: 1,640
  • Ashley Williams Charlotte Ross Diane Ladd Laura Mennell
  • Cancer-deceased stock trader Jack Mercy's funeral is where his three daughters Willa, who lived on his Montana cattle ranch, shy Lily and Hollywoodian Tess, from different mothers, meet. The notary and neighbor Ben McKintock, who fancies Willa, are to supervise the surprising last will: the girls only inherit 1/3 each of the $24,000,000 estate after cohabiting there for a year. Tess and Munroe County's gentleman sheriff Torrence, a hunky vet, fall in love. So do Lily and Adam Wolfchild, a half-blood ranch-hand, but her abusive husband, ex-con Jesse Carne, stops at nothing to get her back. But is he the one who viciously kills ranch animals and ranch-hand Pickles?
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  • Montana Sky -
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