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SINNERS  – ταινία – 2004

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Τελευταία ενημερωμένη ενεργοποιημένη:
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  • Germany USA
  • Director: Reverge Anselmo

    Box: $113,620
  • 1 win.

    IDP Films
  • Εκτίμηση: 6.0/10 Σύνολο ψήφους: 1,754
  • Agnes Bruckner Jonathan Tucker Rachael Leigh Cook Val Kilmer
  • An adventurous romantic drama about a high-school rich kid serving in the Marine Corps to avoid jail, and a schizophrenic actress, whose career is crashing. Mark Deloach lands in the Marine Corps and meets Dori Lawrence before shipping out. Mark and Dori are a perfect match of misfits introduced by a friend, Sue Dubois, whose mother is suing Mark. Dori has left the bright lights of Hollywood to fix her life and mental illness, while at boot camp, Drill Instructor Skeer is on a mission not only to train Mark, but to make a man out of the rebellious teenager. The two outcast lovers, with more than a dose of humor, cling to their romance in spite of obstacles from authorities and circumstances which stand in their way.
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    και sinners 

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