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MONEY BUYS HAPPINESS  – ταινία – 1999

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  • INFO

    money buys happiness 

  • USA
  • Director: Gregg Lachow

  • 1 nomination.

    WigglyWorld Studios
  • Εκτίμηση: 6.1/10 Σύνολο ψήφους: 27
  • Cynthia Whalen Jeff Weatherford John Holyoke Megan Murphy
  • A married Seattle couple struggle in their relationship as they approach the millennium, each looking for new directions in their life. He dreams of shedding all material worth and going on a spiritual awakening. She wants a new relationship with an old lover who wrote her a love note years ago. When a male friend commits suicide, he leaves all of his belongings to his friends. The two choose a piano from his possessions, which comes to represent the couple's relationship as he pushes the piano 50 blocks across the city to their home. In all, the film examines a destructive relationship that struggles with even the simplest decisions.
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