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BLUE: THE AMERICAN DREAM  – ταινία – 2017

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  • INFO

    blue: the american dream 

  • USA
  • Director: Ryan Miningham

  • Εκτίμηση: 1/10 Σύνολο ψήφους: N/A
  • Daya Vaidya Don Wallace Henry G. Sanders Keith David
  • Gary "Blue" Meekins is a middleweight fighter struggling to box his way to the American dream, but Harlem's mean streets threaten to turn him into another statistic when an old friend cons him into helping rob a local drug dealer. But the heist goes disastrously wrong when the victims turn out to be an innocent family. Wracked by guilt, Blue commits himself to seeking his redemption in the ring.
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    blue: the american dream 

  • Blue: The American Dream -
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