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    house of numbers: anatomie einer epedemie 

  • USA
  • Director: Brent Leung

  • Knowledge Matters
  • Bedømmelse: 5.8/10 Total stemmer: 501
  • Anthony Fauci Francois Barre-Sinnousi Kenneth Cole Luc Montagnier
  • What is HIV? What is AIDS? What is being done to cure it? These questions sent Canadian filmmaker Brent Leung on a worldwide journey, from the highest echelons of the medical research establishment to the slums of South Africa, where death and disease are the order of the day. In this up-to-the-minute documentary, he observes that although AIDS has been front-page news for over 28 years, it is barely understood. Despite the great effort, time, and money spent, no cure is in sight. Born in 1980 (on the cusp of the epidemic), Leung reveals a research establishment in disarray, and health policy gone tragically off course. Gaining access to a remarkable array of the most prominent and influential figures in the field -- among them the co-discoverers of HIV, presidential advisors, Nobel laureates, and the Executive Director of UNAIDS, as well as survivors and activists -- his restrained approach yields surprising revelations and stunning contradictions. The HIV/AIDS story is being ...
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    og house of numbers: anatomie einer epedemie 

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