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    anna’s eve

  • USA
  • Director: Kantz

  • Warner Home Video
  • Rating: 4.6/10 Total votes: 94
  • Grayce Wey Lemar Knight Lou Klein Wu Yan
  • When the dedicated social worker Anna Liu finds the boy Michael Duncan dreadfully murdered in the kitchen of his house and his mother Eve Duncan missing, she has a nervous breakdown. Eight months later, she is still recovering using pills and living with her friend Josie. Meanwhile detectives Jake Freeman and Frank Richards are investigating the murder using the psychic Vivian Kuo to find new evidences. Out of the blue, Anna is haunted by the ghost of a scary woman and frequently listens to laughs of a child, and Michael's Ted bear and a knife insist to be on her way in Josie's apartment. Anna gets close to Jake when her friends and acquaintances begin to die, and she recollects painful lost memories from her past.
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    anna’s eve

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