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2 BECOME 1 – MOVIE – 2006

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    2 become 1

  • Hong Kong
  • Director: Wing-Cheong Law

  • 1 nomination.

    Beijing Silver Dream
  • Rating: 6.2/10 Total votes: 197
  • Jo Kuk Miriam Chin Wah Yeung Richie Jen Yujun Wu
  • A regular white-collar woman named Bing, who leads a carefree city life that includes guarding her turf in the office and dating and gossiping with her three girlfriends. However, her carefree life soon turns upside down when she found a lump in her breast. Everything begins to fall apart as she tries to cope with the loss of femininity in a series of bittersweet events. With the help of a happy-go-lucky doctor V and a shy but talented teenager Sing, Bing begins to find new meanings in her turmoil and the will to face her own demons.
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